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The Fox Experiment (& 5-6 player expansion) insert / Box organizer

The Fox Experiment (& 5-6 player expansion) insert / Box organizer

This is an insert for the awesome and thematic game "The Fox Experiment" and its 5-6 player expansion along with all other available content for the game.  I've designed this to be a very simple to use and helpful organization aid, but also extremely helpful during setup and gameplay.  You will cut setup time down by about 75% with this insert and wow the players at your table with how convenient everything is to play with.

-Each player will get their own tray of components which is such a better feeling than getting a jumbled baggie of components.
-The resource and dice trays are labeled and organized perfectly, ready for you to plop directly into play on the table instead of you having to sort these out into separate containers before each game.
-Each deck has its own spot, meaning you won't have to sort ANY cards out, just shuffle up the decks and you're good to go.
-You can use unsleeved or sleeved cards with this insert, just be sure you select the correct option when you add it to your cart.
-If you have the 5-6 player expansion, there are enough player trays to support that, if you don't own the expansion this will still work perfectly fine for you.
-The game can be stored in any direction with this insert and components will not shift or lose their locations since all of the space is taken up in the box.
-There is some extra available empty storage space in this insert, so if you have additional small upgraded components they will fit in these spaces.
-There is no lid lift and no assembly required with this insert.

Boxing Instructions for this insert can be found at the URL below:

If you own your own 3D printer and would like to print a copy of this for yourself, please use the link below:

This was lovingly designed by myself and is only available where PrintablesByCaren products are sold.
If you have any questions please let me know!

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