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Nemesis & Aftermath expansion insert / box organizer (fits sleeved cards)

Nemesis & Aftermath expansion insert / box organizer (fits sleeved cards)

This is a insert/organizer for the board game Nemesis, the Aftermath extension, the medic character and all sleeved cards while still fitting in the base game box. It also stores the untold stories tokens and cards but not the books.

Every box is labeled to easily know what goes in each box. The only nonobvious thing to store are the objective cards for untold stories 2 and the aftermath cards.
Every aftermath specific cards go in the aftermath section of the big card insert. This include the help cards, Aftermath event cards and the Aftermath objective cards. The rest of the cards go in their respective sections as labled.
For the untold stories 2 objective cards they go with the regular objective cards of the base game since there wasn't enough space for them to have their own section.

-This will support unsleeved or sleeved cards.
-This can be stored vertically with little trouble though the tokens are still loose, but I fixed that by keeping things in baggies. One thing to note is that I used a little rubber band to hold the top creeper in place.  If you store horizontally you can avoid these couple small issues.

There is unfortunately about 5mm of lid lift with the insert, barely noticeable.  Despite the designer's best efforts he could not make it fit perfectly inside the box.

While 90% of the inserts in my store are designed by myself, this is one of the exceptions.  All credit for the design goes to MMOmaster35 and crockett8513 on thingiverse.  This design can be downloaded at the link below:

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    $62.51Sale Price
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