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Horseless Carriage insert / box organizer

Horseless Carriage insert / box organizer

This is an insert for the new board game "Horseless Carriage".  This might be the game that has most needed an organizer that I've ever created.  This box is totally jammed full of components.  This insert will organize it all perfectly and allow for much quicker setup and more enjoyable gameplay.  Ultimately Horseless Carriage should hit the table now often with this insert!

-There are separate trays for each player, no more handing them a jumbled bag of parts. Your players will love this.
-One of the worst components I've ever seen in a board game, the market borders, are now perfectly organized and held in place in their own tray, no more bending these and struggling to fit them back in their own bags!  Now just stack them and drop them in their spots.
-The car trays and spec cubes are separated, making it easy to just plop these trays onto the table and play.
-The myriad of tiles are organized for you, no more having to separate and stack these before each game. 
-This supports sleeved or unsleeved cards.
-The game can be stored in any direction and components will not shift or lose their places.

This insert will leave about 7mm of lid lift.

This was lovingly designed by myself and is only available where PrintablesByCaren products are sold.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

    $59.60 Regular Price
    $56.62Sale Price
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