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Hegemony +Expansions insert / box organizer with individual player trays

Hegemony +Expansions insert / box organizer with individual player trays

This is an insert for the awesome asymmetrical game Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory and both of its expansions Crisis & Control and Historical Events.  This insert aims to expertly organize the game for storage and also allow you to setup the game MUCH quicker and allow you to more easily play the game.

-Each player receives their own tray of bits making setup very simple.  Especially helpful since the components are varied for each different player.
-In the unsleeved version of the insert all of the different decks have different slots, in the sleeved version of the insert, most card decks have different slots, though some related decks are combined since sleeves need much more room.  This makes it easy to grab the cards you need!
-All of the Automa components are segregated to one section of the main tray, making it very easy to find and put away these components.
-The resources, currency, workers, and cubes all have dedicated trays, with separate slots for the larger denominations.  Meaning you can just take these trays from the box, plop them onto the table within reach of all players and you're good to go!
-This can be stored either horizontally or vertically and components will not shift or lose their locations.
-The expansion modules are segregated in their own locations so that you can easily find exactly what expansion modules you want to use.
-This will fit the extended edition as well.
-Be sure to select if you want the sleeved or unsleeved version of the insert when you add it to your cart.

There is about 3mm of lid lift with this insert unless you store the manuals outside of the box.  Honestly, this is a barely noticeable amount to me and I don't think anyone will notice this very small amount.  This is also a fairly tight fit in the box compared to our other inserts, I had to make the tolerances a bit tighter than normal just because of the sheer amount of stuff in this box.

Boxing instructions for this insert can be found below:

This was designed by myself and is only available where Printables By Caren products are sold.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

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