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Federation board game insert / box organizer

Federation board game insert / box organizer


This is an insert for the new game "Federation" from Eagle Gryphon Games.  There are an enormous amount of bits with this game and it severely needed an organization solution.  I think I've delivered the perfect insert for this game!

Each player has their own tray of components, no more handing your players jumbled baggies of bits, now simply hand them their tray and their components are neatly organized and ready for setup.
All of the planet setups are in separate trays making it very simple to know which parts go on which planets.  You can store the player components in the player trays or the planet trays depending on which method you find easier.
This will fit either the Deluxe or standard version.  Be sure to select the correct version at checkout.
This can be stored either horizontally or vertically and components will not lose their place or shift.
There is a large spacer tray with plenty of room for additional upgraded components or even perhaps future expansions to the game.
There is a resource tray that can be simply placed into play.

This was designed by myself and is only available where PrintablesByCaren products are sold.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    $62.80 Regular Price
    $59.66Sale Price
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