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Darwin's Journey & Firelands expansion insert / box organize

Darwin's Journey & Firelands expansion insert / box organize

This is an insert for the board game "Darwin's Journey" and its expansion "Firelands".  This will allow you to cleanly combine both into the base game's box.  This not only allows for a perfect storage solution, but aids greatly in setup and gameplay as well!

-This includes player trays for each player with spots for each component.  Meaning no more handing your players jumbled baggies of parts, simply give them their tray and they're ready to go!  Also at cleanup, this makes it easy to ensure all of the parts are back in the game since there are designated spots for each part.
-There are trays for all the different resources meaning you can just pop the resource trays out of the box and put them into play on your table.  This includes a separate tray for the adventure tokens from the expansion so if you choose to play with or without the expansion its a bit simpler to exclude these components.
-The purple special wax seals have a special silver platter that is included with every printing. This fits nicely on top of the silver platter on the board, giving your game an extra bit of visual appeal and 3D theming.
-This supports sleeved or unsleeved cards.  I'll include both card trays, the sleeved card tray will have only 1 divider, maximizing space so that you can fit any sleeve thickness up to 100 microns.  The unsleeved trays will use the space to have more dividers making it slightly easier to divide your decks and make setup easier in turn.
-This can be stored horizontally or vertically without components shifting or losing their places.

This set optionally includes board game clips that serve two purposes for this game:
1- You can use the 5x 5mm 3D printed straight clips to attach the expansion board on top of the main board to keep it in place during play.  You'll find this to be a vital part of your game if you play with the expansion often!
2- You can use the 8x 2.5mm crystal clear straight clips to clip the seams and folds of the main board to help it lay more flat and keep the seams closed.  The board seems well constructed with good cuts and folds in this game so I don't think its a huge value to include these, but I think you will still find them beneficial!

    $34.80 Regular Price
    $33.06Sale Price
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