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Board Game Clips - 3D printed

Board Game Clips - 3D printed

It's a simple problem that is extremely common in our hobby, so common that I think most everyone just overlooks it. We've made a simple solution!

Have you ever been playing your favorite multi-board board game and someone knocks one of the boards out of place? Or you just can't get them lined up perfectly during setup? This can be extremely frustrating! These little clips will solve these issues and are designed specifically for board games! They will snugly and temporarily clip together two boards or keep seams in boards closed with very minimal intrusion into the play surface and without noticeably marking or scuffing your board.

We have clips that will fit nearly any board game! These have rounded edges so they won't noticeably scratch your boards and are created with 2-3 continuous beads of 3d printed filament on each layer so that they are very durable and will hold their shape and tension for many hundreds or thousands of clips and unclips. I will also ship an extra clip with each order just in case one does break!

Our clips have been engineered to remain usable for thousands of clips and un-clips! PLA plastic is created from corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp so it is environmentally friendly.

While not quite big or strong enough to straighten badly warped boards, these will solve the issue of slightly warped boards! Simply put them at the seams of the boards to keep things flatter!

Currently, we have 8 different types of board game clips for sale, please use the link below to view a list of some games and which clips work with them.

-2mm straight clips
These are what most gamers will need for most of their games! If you're going to buy one clip type, this should be it. These will hold together most any game currently in production such as Zombicide, War of the Ring, Formula D, Star Wars Imperial Assault, Cyclades, and most others! We offer this in three quantities. Will fit boards from 1.75mm - 2.5mm, two variations are included with all sales of these clips. The narrow variation have a little more "bite" in their grip and don't intrude into the playing surface quite as much, the wider version is gentler on your board but and a larger compression area, both provide roughly the same result and I find myself using both equally in different situations.

-90° 2mm clips
This is great for any 2mm boards that don't line up with each other, I keep a set in my "Game of Thrones 2nd edition" box since I have the expansion with this.

-120° 2mm clips
These will work great for Gaia Project, Clans of Caledonia, Twilight Imperium, older versions of Catan that don't have the border tiles etc.. Will work with any game that uses hex tiles of 1.7mm - 2.2mm

-120° 2.5mm clips
I should just call these the Rallyman GT clips! It's an extremely hot game right now and this is a perfect solution for this game. I'm sure there are other games that use hex tiles which are 2.25mm - 2.75mm thick that could use them, but I don't know of any personally.

-3mm Straight Clip
With all the high-level productions being put out by publishers lately, many games are coming with dual-layered boards, most of these dual-layered boards are 3mm thick in total, these clips will hold these together and keep things in place. These will work on any board from 2.75mm - 3.25mm thick. I've heard that Barrage could benefit from these.

-1.5mm Straight Clip
Some games just don't measure up! Ok... maybe that's harsh, but plenty of great games have slightly thinner than "standard" boards. Any board that is 1.35mm-1.7mm will probably benefit greatly from these clips, as these are the types of boards that warp easiest.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask!!

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