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Viscounts of the West Kingdom Collector's Box Insert / Box Organizer

Viscounts of the West Kingdom Collector's Box Insert / Box Organizer

This is a box insert / organizing trays with individual player trays for the Collector's box for the great board game "Viscounts of the West Kingdom" and its expansion's "Gates of Gold" and "Keeper of Keys"!  The collector's box is a great upgrade but it's still tough to fit everything efficiently and the stock insert's functionality is pretty poor.  This insert is a huge improvement!


When your game group next meets to play this game instead of giving them a bag full of jumbled parts, you'll be able to give each of them their own tray with spots for each bit they need.

This insert set allows the game to be stored in any direction without parts losing their designated spots.

If you owned our original Viscounts of the West Kingdom insert set for the base game only, please be sure to select "Upgrade set only" at checkout which will save you a bit of money since I was able to reuse the design of the player trays and coin tray.

You can use sleeved or unsleeved cards with this set;  However, if you sleeve your cards, please be sure your sleeves are thin, any sleeves under 40 microns thick should work ok though you may still need to compress some cards into place.


Boxing instructions for this set can be found here:


This is an original design lovingly developed by myself.
If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask!

    $68.50 Regular Price
    $65.08Sale Price
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