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Tiletum Insert / organizer with individual player trays

Tiletum Insert / organizer with individual player trays

This is an insert for the board game "Tiletum".  One of my more useful designs, this will not only help your organize the game and get it to the table faster, but will enhance gameplay as well!

-Each player has their own tray of components, no more handing each player a baggie with jumbled parts.  This also really helps with cleanup to ensure you have all the pieces you should have!
-The Dice tray and the tile trays both have locations specified for player counts, so you won't have to double check the rule book when you're setting up and you won't have to organize the components before play.
-There are two resource trays, so your guests won't need to constantly reach across the table for resources.  No more having to dump all the baggies of resources into dishes!  The 5x resources are also separated to make these less-used components very easy to find and handle.
-The spacer doubles as a tile discard tray, making it very easy for you to discard tiles into their own locations when you spend them, it also triples as a bag storage spot when the game is being stored.
-The solo deck of cards is separated, you can sleeve these cards if you wish and they will still fit their designated spot.
-There is no "dead space" in the insert, meaning that your components will not shift or lose their place no matter which direction you choose to store the game, even upside down!
-The promo pack of starting resource cards will fit (even sleeved) under the player boards in a designated spot for them.
-If you have some upgraded components, you should be able to store them in one of the extra spaces provided.
-The insert looks lovely and highly organized, giving this great Euro game a very polished feel!

Here are boxing instructions for this insert:

If you are looking for the STL files to print your own copy of this insert, please see the listing below:

This insert was lovingly designed by myself and is only available where Printables by Caren products are sold.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!
Thank you for your interest.

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