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The Quacks of Quedlinburg + both expansions Insert set / Box Organizer

The Quacks of Quedlinburg + both expansions Insert set / Box Organizer

This is a full insert set for the awesome bag-building game "The Quacks of Quedlinburg" and both of it's expansions "The Herb Witches" and "The Alchemists"  This also includes token crates for all of the elements in the game!

Each player has their own tray of components with this insert set.  Meaning no more small plastic baggies to hand out to each player, simply give them their small tray and a cloth draw bag and they will have everything they will need!  Overall, setup is a ton easier with this insert, everything is pre-sorted and organized for you, both expansions are sorted into their own trays so you can keep all of the expansion components separated if you wanted to.  You just take the bits out of the box that you want to play with and get playing quicker.  Setup is cut own from 10 minutes down to about 3 minutes and you'll save a ton of time on proper cleanup as well!

This will accommodate the GeekUp bits from BoardGameGeek and will also accommodate thin sleeves on the cards if you use them and will allow you to store the box horizontally or vertically without any of the components shifting or losing their place.  While not totally necessary Each token crate has their own lid to aid in this.  I also include a spacer in case you don't own The Alchemists expansion.  It is not necessary to own either expansion with this insert set, it is fully compatible with or without either.  

There is about 4mm of lid lift which should be almost unnoticeable for most people, you can see this lid lift pictured in one of our images.  We've really put a LOT of thought and design time into this insert, it is easily in our top 3 most intricate designs yet with well over 20 hours of design time invested in this and we are so proud of the results, we hope you love it as well!

This insert was lovingly designed by myself and is only available where PrintablesByCaren products are sold.
Let me know if you have any questions at all!

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