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The King is Dead 2nd edition insert / box organizer

The King is Dead 2nd edition insert / box organizer


This is an insert for the awesome tactical game "The King is Dead" 2nd edition from 2020.  This game's production is off the charts as-is for such a small game but the inclusion of a cardboard insert with the game baffled me so I decided to create this insert and bring an already amazing-looking game to the next level of refinement.


Not only does this new insert look great, it speeds up setup and tear down of the game, meaning that you'll spend more time playing and "The King is Dead" will get to the table more often.  Now intead of seperating the deck of cards and seperating the cubes everything is pretty well setup for you.  Just take the 3 trays of cards out, take the decks you need, set out the 2 starting follower cubes for each faction and you're pretty well good to go!  This cuts down on setup time from ~4 minutes to ~1 minute.


When ordering, please be sure to select if you want the lettering painted or unpainted.  If you select painted I will carefully paint the raised logo lettering red for you which REALLY makes this insert pop!  Also be sure to select if you will be using sleeved or unsleeved cards with this game.


The game can be stored in any direction and the components will not shift or lose their place.


This is created from environmentally friendly PLA plastic.


This insert was lovingly designed by myself.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

    $24.20 Regular Price
    $22.99Sale Price
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