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Tekhenu board game Insert / Box Organizer with individual player trays

Tekhenu board game Insert / Box Organizer with individual player trays

This is a box insert / organizing tray set with individual player trays for the great board game "Tekhenu Obelisk of the Sun"!  This insert is of the highest quality and is a very nice upgrade to the game.  Most individual pieces have their own place, making everything easy to find, set up, sort, and clean up.


When your game group next meets to play this game instead of giving players a bag full of jumbled parts, you'll be able to give each of them their own tray with spots for each bit they need.


This insert set allows the game to be stored in any direction without parts shifting or losing their designated spots.  The set will accommodate sleeved or unsleeved cards.  There is also a fairly large open area to use if you need to store custom components or if the game receives a small expansion in the future.


Whoever has played this game knows that the extra-wide board also sometimes suffers from slightly warped and mis-aligned seams.  I am offering 6 of our 2mm Board Game Clips as an add-on to this set which fit this game perfectly and are another great upgrade.


This is an original design lovingly developed by myself!


If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.


    If you have any problems with your purchase please let us know and we will resolve it.  You have 14 days to return your purchase, you would be responsible for shipping back to us.

$43.50 Regular Price
$41.33Sale Price
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