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Rallyman GT +Expansions Insert / Box organizer & board game clips

Rallyman GT +Expansions Insert / Box organizer & board game clips

This is an insert for the awesome newly published game Rallyman GT!  It is also compatible with the below expansions:
World Tour


That's right, you can fit the base game and all four of these expansions in the base game's box!  The game can be stored in any direction and the contents will not shift.


In addition to the insert, you will optionally get a set of 24 board game clips!  (120° 2.5mm clips specifically designed for Rallyman GT or other hex games with 2.5mm cardboard).  These clips will hold the game together perfectly and you'll never have to worry about the tiles shifting around mid-race again!  You'll get the clips with a nice discount over what I normally offer them for when you buy them with this set.


This is the first insert set we're offering that is not designed by ourselves, but we really do love the design and the fact that it holds so many of the game's expansions in the same box!  We have made some slight adjustments to help with some usability issues and it was originally designed by Jlele, we have been given permission to sell the set by him.


If you have any questions at all, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

    $41.00 Regular Price
    $38.95Sale Price
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