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Raiders of the North Sea Collector's box insert (supports all expansions)

Raiders of the North Sea Collector's box insert (supports all expansions)

This is a box insert / organizing trays with individual player trays for the Collector's box for "Raiders of the North Sea".  This will fit all the expansions and promos for the game inside the Collector's box.  Setting up the game and it's expansion now only takes a few minutes, no more having all of your guests wait through the laborious setup of this great game. This absolutely is a must-have if you play Raiders frequently and it will hit the table even more with this set. 

When your game group next meets to play this game, You'll be able to give each of them their own tray with all the components they will need.  The component types each have their own spaces, meaning that if you don't feel like playing with one of the expansions you can optionally sort them out to keep things very simple.

This insert set allows the game to be stored in any direction without parts losing their designated spots.  If you have upgraded resources, metal coins, or sleeved cards this will fit all of those things with no issues!

If you don't have both or just one of the expansions but do have the Collector's box , no problem! I've designed this set with that in mind, just leave those spots empty, everything will still stay in place perfectly.

This is an original design lovingly developed by myself.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask!

    $43.00 Regular Price
    $40.85Sale Price
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