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Praga Caput Regni board game insert / box organizer

Praga Caput Regni board game insert / box organizer

This is an insert set for the great new game Praga Caput Regni!  This game has an absolutely beastly amount of components and is quite overwhelming to setup and tear down.  This insert set helps to make this game much more manageable and gives it a more polished presentation!  No longer will you need to open and empty a dozen plastic baggies.


  • Many pieces can be used during gameplay, making setup and tear-down MUCH quicker!
  • All components (including the 3d components) have their own locations, many labeled to make packing this game up very easy!
  • The game can be stored in either direction and no components will lose their place.
  • This is made from environmentally friendly 3d printed PLA plastic.


This was lovingly designed by myself


If you have any questions please let me know!

    $39.00 Regular Price
    $37.05Sale Price
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