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Next Station: London Insert / Box Organizer

Next Station: London Insert / Box Organizer

This is a small affordable and simple insert for the new flip and write game Next Station: London.  This keeps all your card decks separate.  Keeps your pencils separated, and really polishes off the look and organization of this great little production!


Please be sure to select if  you use sleeved cards or unsleeved cards.
You are able to store the square cards together or separate depending on your preference.
This can be stored vertically or horizontally and no components will lose their places.
Will fit any language version of the game.
This also has a little bit of extra storage space, so if you have small erasers or something of the sort, you should be able to store those as well.

There is only enough room for one manual, so if your version of the game has two languages, toss the one you don't need.  Or remove some sheets from the paper pad to fit both.  Also, as you use sheets of paper, put them underneath everything in the box to keep the insert flush against the top of the box.

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