Lost Ruins of Arnak Insert / box organizer with individual player trays

Lost Ruins of Arnak Insert / box organizer with individual player trays

This is an insert set for what is (in my opinion) the best board game of 2020 "Lost Ruins of Arnak"!  This incredibly functional insert set will not only organize your game very neatly but also make it much easier to setup, tear down and play.  This is the ultimate organization solution for Arnak.  


Just as with many of our other inserts, this set includes individual player trays to enhance everyone's experience at the table.  The player trays have a spot for the starting 6 cards, the two archaeologists, book and magnifying glass, space for the player aid and player board, and tons of unused space in case you keep anything else with the player trays or players want to use the tray as a personal resource bin during play.  I've even included a card slot so players don't need to hold their cards in their hand if they don't want to.  Your players will love getting their own tray with all their components and you won't need to give them a little baggy full of components.


Many component trays can be taken out of the box and placed directly into play without removing the components from the trays if you choose.  This can cut setup time down to just a few minutes getting Arnak to the table more frequently!  All resources have trays that fit into their preprinted spots on the main board perfectly, also included is a tray for the temple tiles and another tray for the artifact and item cards complete with some of the artwork from the game scrolled into the top of it.

Most slots are labeled so you'll know quickly which piece goes where when it's time to put the game away, pieces are easy to remove and slot into their places, the insert supports sleeved or unsleeved cards and it is made from environmentally friendly 3D printed plastic.  No assembly is required.  There is also ample unused space in the insert set so if you have other upgraded components, a pencil, or a smaller expansion is released for the game it will likely still fit.  Ease of use and functionality is designed into this set from top to bottom and we think you'll love all the little touches we've added to make sure this insert is worth every penny of its price!


Optionally included are 5 board game clips (4x straight 2mm clips and 1x 90° 2mm clip) which will keep the board in place, flat, and keep the mainboard and side resource board together so they don't separate or shift during play.


This set was lovingly designed by myself and is only available where Printables by Caren products are sold.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!