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Let us Design an Insert for Your Favorite Game!

Let us Design an Insert for Your Favorite Game!

Commission us to design and print an insert for your favorite game!


I design inserts for games I love and games I think inserts would sell the best for.  However, I love designing these and I would love to make one for YOUR favorite game!  I just need a little financial support to allow me to spend my time and to purchase the game, materials to do test prints etc...  I will design it to the same extraordinarily high levels of refinement and usability that I design all my inserts to and ship you one as soon as I'm complete with the design process!


You'll notice that I have a number of options when you add this item to your cart.  These refer to how many ratings / votes the game has on  Since the more popular games will inevitably sell better I will need less financial support to create these than I would a less popular game where I might never see a return on my investment otherwise.  Therefore I will be charging you for the design based on the number of ratings on BGG.  


Please use the URL below to see a list of board games sorted by the number of ratings (num votes) on BGG:


30,000+ BGG ratings  = $75 USD
20,000-30,000 BGG ratings  = $100 USD
10,000-20,000 BGG ratings = $150 USD
5,000-10,000 BGG ratings = $200 USD
2,000-5,000 BGG ratings = $250 USD
Below 2,000 BGG ratings = $300 USD


If the game is new and you think that the game is going to be a popular game please let me know before ordering, it's possible I am already planning an insert for it.


I reserve the right to refund your request if I cannot obtain the game or cannot create a proper insert for it for whatever reason.  Also, I retain all rights to the design and I will be offering these for sale after designing them.  This simply finances the significant risk (of not making a return) and overhead costs associated with designing these sets.


If you haven't done business with us before and been able to experience the quality of our 3D printed inserts before please have a look at our Etsy store and see the hundreds of 5-star reviews and extremely satisfied customers.  I do not boast or exaggerate when I say we design the world's best aftermarket 3D printed inserts!


Thank you so much for your interest and if you have any questions at all please let me know!

    $75.00 Regular Price
    $71.25Sale Price
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