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Insert for Underwater Cities +Expansion with individual player trays

Insert for Underwater Cities +Expansion with individual player trays

This is an insert set / box organizer for the great worker placement / hand management game Underwater Cities and it's expansion "New Discoveries".  When put together with all the boards from both sets, this is usually bursting at the seams!  This is now a much more manageable package with this insert set!

This speeds up setup and tear-down a ton!  Which means it will get to the table more often and quicker.
It can be stored either horizontally or vertically and components will not shift or lose their place.
Each player has their own small tray of components, your presentation will be top notch now!  Instead of handing your players little baggies, you'll give them perfectly organized trays with spots for each of their components.
The resource and card trays can simply be taken out of the box and placed into play, meaning this is useful for storage and play.
This is made from environmentally-conscious 3D printed PLA plastic.

There is no assembly required with this set and no lid lift unlike the competitor's designs.

This will NOT support sleeved cards, there is simply no room in the box for this.
If you have completely gotten rid of the original player boards in favor of the New Discoveries boards and you want to store the game vertically, please add-on the optional SPACER when checking out.  This will simply take up that missing space under all your boards.

This set was lovingly designed by myself and is only available where Printables By Caren products are sold!
If you have any questions please let me know, thank you for your interest!

    $38.50 Regular Price
    $36.58Sale Price
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