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Iki (2021) board game insert / box organizer

Iki (2021) board game insert / box organizer

This is an insert / box organizer for the 2021 reworked version of Iki and its expansion Akebono. This game already has great components, give it an insert to match!

This insert features many in-game upgrades. A resource tray that will be useful during play for keeping all of the various resources and mon organized, very logical season organization making end of month upkeep very simple, and individual player trays that will allow your players a place to store their resources during play and a high-class solution to cleanup and setup of their own play area. This insert will cut down on setup time by a few minutes, you can also give each player their own tray of components instead of a ziplock baggie. This set really takes this game to the next level of refinement!

Components will not shift or lose their place no matter how the game is stored (vertically or horizontally).
You can choose sleeved or unsleeved card slots at checkout along with many different colors variations.
The expansion components can be combined with the base game components or separated if you don't always play with it.
This is 3D printed with environmentally conscious and great performing PLA plastic.
No assembly required.

If you have access to your own large 3D printer and want to print this yourself, here is our listing for the STL files for personal use only:

This was lovingly designed by myself and is only available where Printables By Caren products are sold.
If you have any questions please let me know!

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    $44.31Sale Price
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