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Hallertau Insert / box organizer

Hallertau Insert / box organizer

This is an insert set for the awesome new Uwe Rosenberg game "Hallertau"  While amazing, this game has LOTS of little components and cards that are a pain to sort out when you want to play.  This insert set solves that issue COMPLETELY!

-The player setup tray has each player's components very nicely sorted so you just need to give one of each stack to each player when it's time play.
-There are two component trays which can be set out on the table near players during play, no need to separate resources and put them into different containers or have players reaching across the table when playing with 3 or 4 players.
-All decks are sorted into separate stacks making it easy to choose exactly the decks you want to play with.
-This can be stored in either the vertical or horizontal rotation and components will not shift or lose their position.
-All pieces have their own labeled spot making tear-down super simple!
-Made from environmentally friendly PLA plastic which also has amazing mechanical properties!

    $44.89 Regular Price
    $42.65Sale Price
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