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Feudum +All Expansions Insert / box organizer with individual player trays

Feudum +All Expansions Insert / box organizer with individual player trays

This is another giant insert for a giant game.  Feudum is one of the most (over)produced games I've ever seen, so I went just as over the top for this insert design!

Each player will get their own player tray that will hold all player components and also features a card holder and plenty of space to store your in-play components to make setup and gameplay much nicer for your players!  No more giving your players baggies of components, now you can give them beautiful and useful trays.

There is a separate tray that holds all solo components (including the playmat), this will make your solo plays much simpler to get going and keeps things very well organized in the box!
This can optionally support sleeved cards!  Please be sure to select the sleeved or unsleeved version at checkout.

As with all of our inserts, you can store the box in any direction with this insert and components will not shift or lose their place in the box.
This will support the standard or Big Box version (both use the same box size)
This will allow space for all expansions.
I spent well over 20 hours of design time on this insert and I am thrilled at the results!  Hopefully you will be too.  =)


Here are the boxing instructions for this insert:


This was lovingly designed by myself and is only available where Printables by Caren products are sold.

Thank you for your interest and let me know if you have any questions!

    $109.00 Regular Price
    $103.55Sale Price
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