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Cuzco (Super Meeple version) insert / organizer

Cuzco (Super Meeple version) insert / organizer

This is an insert for the Super Meeple printing of the board game Cuzco.  I've designed this to be the best looking and most functional insert available for this game by far.  Keep everything perfectly organized in the box and get playing in less than two minutes with help from this organizer.
Each player will get everything they need in their own tray, no more handing out jumbled bags of parts.  Your players will love this touch!
This supports sleeved or unsleeved cards.
The temples are organized by size, and all other components have dedicated space making it very simple to find what you need during play.
There are slots for each component in the game, no more losing the meeples for weeks until you vacuum one up.  If something is missing when its time to cleanup, you will know immediately.
There is an extra storage bin in the box, so if you have other upgraded components for the game or you store other things with Tikal, you will be able to store them there.
The game can be stored in any direction and components will not shift or lose their place.

This was lovingly designed by myself after receiving a commission for its design and is only available where PrintablesByCaren products are sold.
If you have any questions please let me know!

    $54.00 Regular Price
    $51.30Sale Price
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