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Calico Insert / Box Organizer

Calico Insert / Box Organizer


This is an insert / box organizer for the adorable tile-laying game Calico!  This insert cuts down on setup and tear-down time drastically and is extremely functional during gameplay.  Instead of laboriously getting out each set of pieces and seperating them, or opening and dumping unsightly baggies, you'll now be able to lay out all the trays full of components and play!  Calico will hit the table more frequently and definitely be more of a treat to play!


  • When this set is used the game can be stored in any direction.
  • The button tray and cats tray are 100% usable and useful during play.
  • This is made from durable and environmentally friendly PLA plastic.
  • No assembly required!
  • Decorative Calico hex included with the game has a prominent display location in the buttons tray!


The bottom tray holding the player boards is designed to stay in the box, and the decorative Calico hex tile is not designed to be removed from the buttons tray so it is intentionally a tight fit.


This set was lovingly designed by myself.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

    $31.90 Regular Price
    $30.31Sale Price
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