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Board Game Clips - Crystal Clear

Board Game Clips - Crystal Clear

Completely clear clips that help keep your board game boards together, in-place, and flat! Great for multi-board games and boards that don't like to stay put.  These new Crystal Clear clips won't hide the artwork on your boards but still have all the same great properties you've come to expect from our Board Game Clips!


Have you ever been playing your favorite multi-board, or modular-board, game and someone nudges the board only to have everything lose its spot?  Or maybe you have boards that are slightly warped and don't lie flat that need just a little help?  Or possibly you have one of those giant multi-fold boards which need a little coaxing to stay aligned?  Board Game Clips are specifically engineered for this task and are the solution to all of these issues!  


Board Game Clips will snugly and temporarily clip together two boards or keep seams in boards closed or keep slightly-warped boards flatter with minimal intrusion into the playing surface and without noticeably marking or scuffing your board.


Every facet of our clips is designed around enhancing your gameplay experience and protecting your board in the process!  The bottom of our clips is less than 1mm thick, meaning that your boards are raised only an unnoticeable amount.  The thick outer edge helps provide a great deal of tension to help the clip perform great.  The leading edges are rounded to help prevent catching or scratching on your printed surfaces.  The tight interior corners prevent premature wear of the clips and ensure they will last for many hundreds (possibly thousands) of uses!  No other solution to this problem has been so well-tailored to the task nor as thoroughly tested as this design!


DON'T ACCEPT AN IMITATION PRODUCT!  This is the original product as seen on Kickstarter ( ).  We've spent many dozens of hours perfecting these designs, we've sold over 80,000 clips to people, Tom Vasel has tried and liked our clips ( )  You can find THESE EXACT clips at conventions and game groups the world over.  This is a patent-pending product that we have spent hundreds of hours developing the branding and popularity of.  We implore you to buy the original, us!


While not quite big or strong enough to straighten badly warped boards, these will also solve the issue of slightly warped boards! Simply put them at the seams of the boards to keep things flatter!

Currently, we have 6 different types of crystal clear board game clips for sale, please use the link below to view a list of some games and which clips work with them.

-2mm straight clips 

These are what most gamers will need for most of their games!  If you're going to buy one clip type, this should be it.  These will hold together most any game currently in production such as War of the Ring, Formula D, Star Wars Imperial Assault, Cyclades, GMT Games, and most others!  We offer this in three quantities.  Will fit boards from 1.6mm - 2.25mm


-2.5mm straight clips
These were made primarily for Zombicide and other CMON games as they seem to be a little thicker and 2mm don't always work well.  Plenty of other games will also use 2.5mm better than 2.0mm, you can find a full game compatibility list in the google doc listed above.  Will fit boards from 1.9mm - 2.7mm


-90° 2mm clips
This is great for any 2mm boards that don't line up with each other or games that use square tiles.  Many expansions have side boards that could benefit from this such as Game of Thrones 2e will utilize the 2mm 90° clips great!  Will fit boards from 1.7mm - 2.3mm


-90° 2.5mm clips
Some scenarios in Zombicide and other games will benefit from being able to clip boards together that don't line up edge to edge.  Will fit boards from 2.4mm - 2.8mm


-120° 2mm clips
These will work great for Gaia Project, Mage Knight, Clans of Caledonia, Twilight Imperium, older versions of Catan that don't have the border tiles etc..  Will work with any game that uses hex tiles of 1.75 - 2.3mm


-120° 2.5mm clips
I should just call these the Rallyman GT clips!  It's an extremely hot game right now and this is a perfect solution for this game.  I'm sure there are other games that use hex tiles which are 2.25mm - 2.75mm thick that could use them, but I don't know of any personally.  Will work with any game that uses hex tiles of 2.35mm - 2.8mm


If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask!!

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