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Barenpark +Expansion Insert / Box Oganizer ( Bärenpark & The Bad News Bears)

Barenpark +Expansion Insert / Box Oganizer ( Bärenpark & The Bad News Bears)


This is a box insert / organizing trays for the awesome game "Bärenpark" AND it's expansion "The Bad News Bears"!  That's right, this will fit the base game and the expansion all in the base game's box.  This insert COMPLETELY solved the troubles of getting out and putting away the game.  Setting up the game and it's expansion now only takes 2 minutes instead of 10, no more having all of your guests wait through the laborious setup of this great game.  This absolutely is a must-have if you play Barenpark frequently and it will hit the table even more with this set.  I put over 20 hours of development time into this set to make sure it takes this game to the next level and is of the highest possible quality.

You no longer need to sort the bear statues or the monorail cars or the monorail supports, or the orange tiles or the grizzlies.  You simply pull everything out of the box, put them in their spots, pick your achievements and you're good to go!

This set will work even if you don't have the expansion, simply leave the designated spots empty

This insert set allows the game to be stored in any orientation without parts losing their designated spots.

This is an original design lovingly developed by myself.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask!


    If you have any problems with your purchase please let us know and we will resolve it.  You have 14 days to return your purchase, you would be responsible for shipping back to us.

$39.00 Regular Price
$37.05Sale Price
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