Azul : Summer Pavilion Tower / Tile Bin Upgrade

Azul : Summer Pavilion Tower / Tile Bin Upgrade

This is an upgraded Tile Bin / Tower for the awesome game Azul: Summer Pavilion!  I lovingly designed this myself.  It is styled after the design on the cheap cardboard tower that comes with the game and is a direct match in size.  It is a direct replacement and a HUGE upgrade to the tower that comes in the box.


This tile bin is very is durable, it has a cavity large enough to store all the tiles with ease when not playing.  The tower will not shift and the tiles will not spill out of the tower when in storage, regardless of the direction the box is stored.


I am offering this in 2 color options:
-Flat Black (pictured)
-Shaded Black (pictured, I use a shading technique with spray paints to mimic sunshine, accentuating the details on the black model)


    If you have any problems with your purchase please let us know and we will resolve it.  You have 14 days to return your purchase, you would be responsible for shipping back to us.



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